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In Canada, we’re lucky to have health coverage through provincial medicare programs, However, what about expenses that aren’t covered like prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, or physiotherapist?

With a personal health plan – you not only get coverage for “life happens” moments  like, leg braces or diabetic supplies, but also for the routine things, like antibiotics, contact lenses, and dental cleanings.

If you’re health, that’s great. So, are you considering waiting it out until you really need insurance?

Most plans require medical underwriting – which means if you get sick without insurance, and then apply for coverage – you may not qualify for the coverage you need.

Get a health plan while you’re healthy, and you’re covered regardless of what the future holds.

Complete Health by Medavie Blue Cross has no overall drug maximum so when you get sick you don’t have to worry about reaching a plan maximum as they have no overall drug maximum.

Plans do not terminate at a particular age. Plans continue to provide coverage as long as you pay the monthly premiums needed to keep you policy in force.

Most personal insurance plans require underwriting. This means they look at all the information you provide them about our health, and then they provide an offer based on the information supplied. In most cases, they are not able to cover for pre-existing conditions, but new conditions will be covered.

Don’t wait Apply for medical insurance now while you are in good health.

The premium you pay for your coverage is based on the age of the oldest person to be covered under the plan, the family status and the coverage chosen.

  • Your mailing address
  • The name and date of birth of all applicants
  • Banking information for premium payments
  • Medical information for all applicants

Complete Health

Complete Health is a flexible health insurance plan that allows
You to choose the benefits you want to meet your needs
and budget.

Why wait?

Don’t want to wait! Apply instantly for Blue Cross Personal health plan. Use the easy,
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